Lonate Pozzolo


Lonate Pozzolo uses water from a sewage treatment plant and a network of water canals  bringing water from the Dolomites to central Italy. The installed capacity is 520 kW. The unique power plant is  two horizontal Francis turbines. Project will be connected at the end of 2017.

Ponte Nembro


Renfin finished the construction of small hydro power plant in Ponte Nembro. The installed capacity of 96,4 kW located in the valley of the river Serio. Project will be connected at the end of 2017.

LAC – Liberia


Project LAC realized in Liberia was handed over to client and two installed Kaplan turbine are in operation from June 2016. Synchronous generators with total capacity 2,1MVA work to isolation grid and electrical energy produce from water potential enormously reduce cost for fuel to diesel genset units previously used to provide operation of plantation producing […]

Corrimony Reserve


The project of this small hydro power plant is located into the nature reserve at Corrimony owned by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The intake structure is very sensitively placed in the Corrimony wood and designed as a nature part of this very nice and exceptional area. The powerhouse with its wooden […]

Corrimony Farm


This high head hydro scheme is located on the top of the Corrimony wind hill next to the one of the biggest wind farm at the Highlands. With two intakes and net head 197 meters is capable to generate up to 430 kW.