Chile has been one of Latin American’s fastest-growing economies over the past decade. As it continues to grow, it is expected that Chile’s energy demand will increase from roughly 75 TWh today, to over 100 TWh by 2020. Total hydro power installed potential capacity in Chile is expected at ca 60 GW. Small hydro power plants accounts for ca 25% of this potential. Current hydropower installed capacity in this country is over 6.62 GW.

RENFIN develops a portfolio of 12 high head projects in Chile with the total installed capacity of ca 17.2 MW. Projects are concentrated mainly in Panguipuili, Rinihue and Melipeuco regions.

Projects in development

  • Panguipuilli


    Operation data
    No. of projects: 4
    Installed capacity: 3 400 kW
    Annual generation: 12 000 MWh

  • Melipeuco


    Operation data
    No. of projects: 5
    Installed capacity: 3 000 kW
    Annual generation: 10 000 MWh

  • Rinihue


    Operation data
    No. of projects: 3
    Installed capacity: 8 000 kW
    Annual generation: 30 000 MWh