Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic has a long industrial tradition. The first hydro power plant was built in 1888. In 1930s, there were almost 12 000 hydro power plants in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, the total installed capacity is over 2.26 GW. Hydropower accounts for almost 54% of all renewable energy in the country.

In the Czech Republic, RENFIN operates three small hydro power plants. Their installed capacity is 3 200 kW with annual power generation of 14.0 GWh.

Power plants in operation

  • Osek


    Operation data
    Installed capacity: 900 kW
    Head: 1.9 m
    No. of turbines: 3
    Annual generation: 4 000 MWh
    River: Elbe

  • Nymburk


    Operation data
    Installed capacity: 2 000 kW
    Head: 2.75 m
    No. of turbines: 5
    Annual generation: 7 825 MWh
    River: Elbe

  • Bakov


    Operation data
    Installed capacity: 400 kW
    Head: 3 m
    No. of turbines: 2
    Annual generation: 2 020 MWh
    River: Jizera