May 2022

Another successful project Irlam is done

Irlam is now running on the Manchester Ship Canal

Irlam, a low-head hydropower plant, is now running on the Manchester Ship Canal in the suburb of the same name in the Greater Manchester Area. The canal was built at the juncture of the 19th and 20th centuries to allow large naval ships to reach Manchester.

A single Kaplan turbine utilizes a stream of more than 15 m3/s produces clean energy and the site has a capacity of nearly 600 kW. The turbine is located on the side of an old lock structure.

The plant not only provides electricity for surrounding neighbourhoods, but part of the site project was also a fish and eel pass which improved the conditions for these animals after almost 100 years.

HYDROPOL provided design, EPC contract and all technology equipment for this SHPP. It is also responsible for maintenance and operation of the plant.

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