May 2022

Dutton in operation

Another hydropower plant in England is running

The newly opened hydroelectric site near Dutton Locks on the River Weaver, near Acton Bridge, west of Northwich, joins our successfully developed projects. The hydropower plant is located in a flat area next to an existing gated weir. It was finished in the spring of 2022. The river itself is connected to many canals and it’s used for many purposes.

Upstream of the weir, there is a canalised section of the river and the navigation canal route is diverted from the original route of the Weaver River creating an island in-between, so the construction was a challenge.

The hydropower plant has a total installed capacity of 160 kW and generates around 900 MWh annually.

HYDROPOL provided design, EPC contract and all technology equipment for this SHPP and is responsible for maintenance and operation of the plant.

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